Brand Guidelines

Thomas & Hutton Brand Terms of Use Agreement
By clicking the Accept Terms box below, you and your organization agree to follow the Thomas & Hutton Corporate Identity Guidelines and use the Thomas & Hutton name and mark as described herein.  You and your affiliates agree that you will not alter, modify, or misuse the Thomas & Hutton name and/or mark.  Thomas & Hutton reserves the right to terminate your use of the name and mark at any time, for any reason.  If you agree to these terms, click the box below to obtain the electronic files.

Company Name

The company shall be referred to foremost as Thomas & Hutton. On second reference, the company can also be called “T&H”, but any other versions of the company name should not be used, including the former “Thomas & Hutton Engineering, Co.”

Graphic Standards Policy

In order for the logo to maintain the company’s identity, it is imperative that it be used in the proper manner. The logo needs to be used in a consistent way to strengthen our branding and become iconic.

Our graphics standards policy is issued from the Executive Logo Committee and backed by the CEO. All  materials printed and distributed will follow this version of the Corporate Identity Guidelines. Any exceptions to these guidelines will require prior approval from the CEO. Any version of the logo other than those described in these guidelines are prohibited.

Authorized Logos

The official Thomas & Hutton logo which combines a stacked T and H and the logotype “Thomas & Hutton” directly to the right of the logo is preferred for most applications. This is the primary configuration of our logo.

On occasion, size and application issues arise. A vertical version has been created for  these situations and is considered our secondary logo.

Note: Two variations exist for each configuration (Version A: without services / Version B: with list of services).

Absolutely no deviations from the provided logos are allowed. For more specific details, please review the Logo Standards file provided in the Logo Set download.


Scaling & Size

The Thomas & Hutton logo should only be scaled at a 1:1 ratio to preserve its design. The logo should never be skewed or resized out of proportion.

The minimum height of the icon in the preferred logo is 1/4”. Any application of the logo that requires a smaller size will require approval. Please contact the Marketing Department.

Do not resize any logo file to be larger than it’s original size. This will impact the resolution. If you need a larger size or find that whatever file you are using is not completely clear, please ask Marketing for a new file. Maintaining crispness and clarity of the image is essential. Do not copy and paste from the website or other documents. Use an original logo file - which can be obtained by clicking the ‘Download Logo Set Here” button above.



The Thomas & Hutton font is Sackers Gothic Medium. The kerning has been manually adjusted, so please do not try to replicate or substitute your own font. An image of the text only portion can be found in the download file.



The logo should always use the following green color. This includes the logo, text and ampersand in “Thomas & Hutton”. A specialized black and white version has been created and can be used when color is not an option. For use of dark backgrounds, a reverse version has been created. Remember to adhere to the white space rules no matter what version you use.

Do not attempt to create your own black and white version or use your own combinations. Please verify that your printer produces colors matching those shown before proceeding.


White Space / Protected Area

The logo should always be surrounded by a specified amount of white space. The area surrounding the logo should not be encroached by other images or text. Do not attempt to overlay the logo on anything.

Use the size of the letter “n” in the logo to create the protected area.

Should you find your needs are not covered, or you need help or information that you could not find in these Brand Guidelines, please contact:
Marketing Department