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Brunson Elevated Tank

Location: Brunson, Hampton County, SC

Client: Lowcountry Regional Water System (LRWS)

Project Scope:

  • Construction Plans
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Administration
  • Closeout Services

Project Description:

Thomas & Hutton was retained to provide engineering services related to the repairs and painting of a 60-year old, 75,000 gallon elevated storage tank. 

The tank had been cited for several deficiencies and the Town of Brunson was under a consent order to correct all deficiencies. The riveted steel tank exterior paint contained lead-based paint and the interior of the tank was coated with wax. Design included completion of all repairs, removal of interior wax coating then surface preparation by near-white sand blasting and application of epoxy coating. Exterior surface preparation required total containment for the lead paint removal by sand blasting and application of polyurethane coating system. Hydropneumatic storage tank was connected to the distribution system while the elevated tank was offline for painting. The project was partially funded by a CDBG grant and completed in July 2015.

Brunson Elevated Tank