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Devro, Inc.

Location: Sandy Run, SC

Client: Devro, Inc.

Project Scope:

  • Environmental Services

Project Description:

Devro Inc. (Devro), a producer of sausage casings, located in Sandy Run, South Carolina, has been a client of the Thomas & Hutton Environmental Service Manager since the early ninties.

The Environmental Services Manager has prepared and integrated many of Devro’s environmental compliance programs. These include a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC) and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3). These plans provide written documentation of the site specific measures that Devro has implemented to prevent or minimize any discharge of pollutants. The plans contain information concerning the notification and reporting requirements, history of past spills, regulated material inventory, location maps, site drainage and stormwater management practices, material handling practices, spill prevention and contingency procedures, inspection, training, and record keeping.

The Environmental Services Manager has also prepared air permit applications for all of Devro’s processes, as well as the documentations required for construction permits. Additional services included preparing the original Title V Permit Application Package and its renewable application package.

Currently Thomas & Hutton is providing permitting services for upgrades to the onsite wastewater treatment facility and environmental oversight for a new facility expansion.

Project Team Member: Lisa Muzekari, P.E.

This project represents a combination of individual experience Thomas & Hutton employees gained while working with a previous firm and at their current roles at Thomas & Hutton.