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Hampton Island North Newport River Hydro

Location: Liberty County, GA

Client: Hampton Island, LLC

Project Scope:

  • Surveying

Project Description:

Thomas & Hutton was hired to aid in determining the viability of a proposed marina project. Our survey team performed a Bathymetric Survey and provided subsequent maps of more than 1.5 miles of the North Newport River channel.

As a waterfront community offering a luxurious, relaxing lifestyle as well as amenities such as an equestrian center, golf, boating and a private sea plane, the need for a community marina at Hampton Island was crucial. Although the 4,000 acre series of marsh islands that constitutes the community of Hampton Island is surrounded by more than 12 miles of rivers and creeks, there was much concern as to whether navigation restrictions would allow permitting of the proposed marina.

Based on the data gathered, engineers and permitting authorities were able to make the determination that the proposed facility would in fact become a reality.

Hampton Island North Newport River Hydro