Predevelopment-Master Planning

One of the most critical aspects of any land development project is the conceptual planning stage. At Thomas & Hutton we engage with the development team very early in the process consulting with our clients on a wide range of issues critical to the success of the project. These services include zoning/entitlement analysis, development agreements, water and sewer agreements, opinions of cost for development pro-formas, stakeholder meetings, public/private infrastructure agreements. We maintain an extensive GIS database with current land parcel ownership and physical characteristics such as soils, FEMA, National Wetlands Inventory, timber stands and aerial photography. This database allows us the ability to assist developers in locating land tracts to purchase that meet their geographic and physical prerequisites.  Our land planners have experience will all varieties of commercial, residential and mixed-use development and work seamlessly with our engineering staff to ensure that our client’s master plans address all physical and permitting constraints.