Thomas & Hutton provides clients in the Southeast with competent design solutions, a clear understanding of today’s transportation needs, engineering know-how, and innovative solutions for transportation projects. Rapid population growth, aging infrastructure, limitations for funding,
and environmental sensitivity are just a few issues challenging the transportation industry. We take those issues into account when designing roadways and intersections, roundabouts, parkways, boulevards, major highways, and interchanges. 

Thomas & Hutton coordinates with local, state, and Federal agencies, understanding compliance requirements and the importance of maintaining good working relationships with those entities to leverage our knowledge on regulations and guidelines. By keeping clear lines of communication open, we effectively plan and efficiently design sound roadway systems and solutions within budget and on-time.

Scope of Transportation Services:

  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Bridge Hydraulic Studies
  • Concept Development
  • Construction Administration & CEI
  • Corridor & Alignment Studies
  • Drainage Design
  • Environmental Documentation (NEPA)
  • Funding/Permitting Assistance
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Intersections & Signalization
  • Public Meetings & Involvement
  • Right-of-Way Plans & Staking
  • Roadway, Highway, & Interchange Design
  • Roundabout Evaluation & Design
  • Structure & Bridge Design/Evaluation
  • Surveying
  • Traffic Operation & Capacity Analysis
  • Utility Coordination