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Brad Rife

“The technical complexity and detail that goes into everything an engineer does amazes me.  There’s isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at my co-workers in complete awe of what they’ve designed or what solution they’ve come up with for our clients.  For me, being able to understand what they do and being able to help communicate these ideas, designs, and/or solutions visually, and in a manner that speaks to the appropriate audience, is what drives me to be the best I can at Thomas & Hutton.”

Brad oversees Thomas & Hutton’s Graphic Design Department.  Joining Thomas & Hutton in 2001, Brad began as an Engineering Technician working on various residential, commercial, and industrial site development projects. With a strong understanding of Thomas & Hutton’s technical side, he quickly began taking an interest in sharing this work to visually help communicate ideas, concepts, and plans to a variety of audiences. Brad specializes in creating and designing maps and exhibits for visual impact and improved communication. He earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Visual Arts/Graphic Design from Armstrong State University (now Georgia Southern University) and is a FAA Certified Remote UAV Pilot for commercial operations.

Brad Rife

Graphics Manager

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