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Cecilia Arango

“My father-in-law retired from Thomas & Hutton with 41 years working at this company.  There’s a lot of history within those years! While driving around town, I love seeing the look on his face when we’re coming up on one of his projects.  His eyes light up, his demeanor changes, his spine gets a little straighter. You can sense his pride. He’s proud of his work and I know he’s about to dive headfirst into a story of how it all began.  He begins to tell me the challenges, the budding relationships that initially begin as client/engineer that evolve into true friendships, the collaboration amongst his team to find the best solutions. He steps on the brakes suddenly.  We can’t just drive past. He wants me to see it with my own eyes – the fruits of his labor. We pass by a couple taking their evening stroll along the street he designed. I can only imagine how rewarding it is to witness this project’s  vision, what was once just a plot of dirt, now in its final form, a breathing and thriving community. I love it when I witness one’s passion for the work he/she does. It exudes in their attitude and brings this energy that emanates like lightning bolts.  It’s contagious. Working in the civil engineering industry, I am fascinated by each project’s story on how it all began – not just the technical specifics of the project, but the relationships, the thought-process, the collaboration on how it all comes together.   In listening to the minute details, it’s my job to be able to share these stories in a way that showcases our people’s creativity and science behind each project design.”

Cecilia is Thomas & Hutton’s Marketing Manager for all office locations. Upon earning her Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus in Communications, she joined Thomas & Hutton in 2002.  Cecilia is responsible for marketing, social media, public relations, and proposal coordination activities. In addition, she spearheads Thomas & Hutton’s monthly hands-on service program, T&H Helping Hands, and is involved in professional and civic organizations that have included Society of Marketing Professional Services, Society of American Military Engineers (Chair), Metropolitan Savannah Rotary (Chair), Savannah Bicycle Campaign Board of Directors, Savannah Crimestoppers Board of Directors, Savannah Sports Council Board of Directors (Chair), Savannah Chamber Ambassadors Council (past Chair), Leadership Savannah, Leadership Southeast Georgia, Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Girls on the Run of Coastal Georgia, March of Dimes, and Savannah Striders Board of Directors.

Cecilia Arango

Marketing Manager

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