Renewable Energy Consulting & Planning

The energy challenges that face our society today are complex and ever changing. Energy providers in the United States are hard at work, developing new technologies and upgrading their grid and transmission systems to meet the increased demands of its consumers for cheaper and more plentiful power. Thomas & Hutton will continue to provide reliable support services to the energy market to meet current and future needs.

Thomas & Hutton provides superior consulting services related to the development of solar farms and natural gas lines to owners, developers, and engineering, procurement, and construction contractors throughout the southeastern United States. Our comprehensive consulting approach allows us to provide cost-effective and timely engineering solutions.  

We offer a wide range of natural gas services, beginning with route selection and feasibility continuing through project planning, route survey, pipeline and facility engineering design, permitting, and GIS/data management.  Our experience and integrated services enable our staff to successfully manage any private or public sector project from completion through reality.

Renewable Energy Consulting Projects

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