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J. Michael “Mike” Barnes, PE, LEED AP

I love the world we live in. I’ve always been fascinated with the built environment, something tangible that you can see or touch, rather than something that’s obscure. I love walking through the city and seeing the people of our communities walk or run on trails, children playing in parks, spectators enjoying a concert in places that we have helped create. I feel a sense of pride as our neighbors go off to work in a building or children and young adults in a school or college that we helped develop. When I see these small moments, those that are usually taken for granted by most of us as we go about our daily lives, I feel that somehow I have made an impact, no matter how small, in making the lives of my fellow citizens better.”

Mike is a Principal and serves as Regional Director for the Charlotte office.  He brings 30 years of experience in the management and design of site development projects including Industrial, Educational, Residential, and Governmental pursuits.  A licensed Professional Engineer and certified LEED Accredited Professional, Mike holds both a Master and Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from North Carolina State University. He is a graduate and former member of the Board of Directors for Leadership North Carolina, Board member of the CPN of North Carolina, and chair of the Construction Professionals Network Institute, a non-profit initiative focusing on construction industry related projects and community service throughout North Carolina.

Michael Barnes

Principal/Regional Director

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