Data Center Design & Mission Critical Facilities

Today, digital and online services are essential for effective business operations. Companies must have a reliable and scalable network to provide the seamless services that customers and clients expect. The security and efficient performance of facilities that house operations, equipment, off-site data storage, and other vital technology systems are necessary for the success of mission-critical facilities. With the proper engineering design, sites can be optimized to be resilient to risks while maintaining flexibility should expansion or restructuring be necessary.

Comprehensive Planning for Mission-Critical Facilities

Thomas & Hutton provides comprehensive planning, environmental, surveying, and civil engineering services for commissioning new construction or conversion of existing buildings for various mission-critical facilities, including data centers, control centers, and emergency operations centers. Capitalizing on our knowledge and relationships with state and federal regulatory bodies, Thomas & Hutton partners with local development authorities to guide site analysis, selection, planning, design, construction, and operations. We see ourselves as a valuable resource with our readily available personnel and expertise to expedite the construction of new facilities by minimizing unknowns and understanding the inherent needs for mission-critical facilities.

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• Site Selection Assistance
• Desktop Due Diligence, latapult Tool
• Site Surveys – ALTA, Topographic & Utility
• Facility Test Fits & Site Constraints
• Environmental Due Diligence
• Preliminary Grading Plans (Cuts/Fills)
• AHJ Development Permitting Requirements


• Site Master Planning
• Site Design & Permitting
• Underground Utility Coordination
• Off-Site Infrastructure Design & Permitting
• Landscape Architecture
• Air Permitting
• Construction Services