Bouhan Falligant Building
Savannah, GA
Landscape Architecture
Structural & Marine

Located on the south side end of Savannah’s iconic Forsyth Park in a three-story, 18,000-square-foot Class A office building stands One West Park Avenue. The stunning brick veneer building is home to Savannah’s oldest law firm, Bouhan Falligant. The firm was previously located in the Armstrong Kessler Mansion on the north side of Forsyth Park. Bouhan Falligant required a prominent location to host its headquarters and retain its prestigious brand. Thomas & Hutton provided civil engineering, structural engineering, and landscape architecture services. The architect, Felder & Associates were instrumental in the building’s assemblance, rezoning, and variance process.

The massing of the Bouhan Falligant building presented a challenge while designing within tight site parameters. The building required encroachment petitions for several elements including its eaves, foundations, and drainage appurtenances. These encroachments were made successful without sacrificing the building’s ADA accessibility. Compact siting necessitated Thomas & Hutton to coordinate off-site parking and design completely pervious pavement for the parking lot at the building, enhancing water quality.

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    Protection of majestic live oak trees along the east side of the building on Bull Street was paramount to Bouhan Falligant and the design team, both for the preservation of the streetscape and character of the building. Great care was taken to meet the City of Savannah’s Tree Protection Requirements, including the use of asymmetric foundations to limit impact to the tree’s structural root plates. Hurricane Matthew touched down in Savannah in October of 2016 putting Thomas & Hutton’s calculation to the test. All street trees adjacent to the building endured the storm and continue to thrive today.

    The new home of Bouhan Falligant was completed ahead of the owner’s precipitous schedule despite space constraints and timing delays due to Hurricane Matthew. The new Bouhan Falligant building is complimentary to the City of Savannah’s acclaimed architecture and street character. Even as a newer structure, it seamlessly blends into the streetscape and the overall design harkens back to the aesthetic quality associated with the time of Bouhan Falligant’s founding.