Chesterfield Valley Comprehensive Drainage Plan
Chesterfield, MO
Water Resource

Thomas & Hutton provided engineering design services to update the comprehensive drainage plan for Chesterfield Valley (approximately 4,380 acres) to ensure that the storm drainage system design for future developments will comply with the City’s comprehensive master plan and prevent future bottlenecks and drainage deficiencies.

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    Thomas & Hutton provided inventory, study, and evaluation of existing storm drainage systems, hydrologic/hydraulic evaluation, size and locating storm drainage master plan infrastructure for full development, storm drainage GIS, preparing cost estimates, prioritizing drainage improvements, and summarizing all results.

    Thomas & Hutton is responsible for the ongoing Functional Equivalency Studies for the Chesterfield Valley. These studies include updating the model to resemble proposed developments within the valley. A comparison between the ongoing current ICPR masterplan model and the proposed change model is generated to show locations of significant rise. The City uses this comparison to approve or deny the stormwater proposal.