Savannah Gardens
Savannah, GA
land planning
Landscape Architecture
Water Resource

Thomas & Hutton provided engineering design and sustainability consulting services for the development of Savannah Gardens, a 550-unit multi-family, mixed-income Brownfield redevelopment project. Savannah Gardens is registered as a sustainable community through the Southface Institute EarthCraft Coastal Community Certification Project. Thomas & Hutton implemented sustainable practices for site design, including stormwater and on-site material reuse, pervious pavements, cisterns, bioretention, bicycle connectivity, water efficient landscape design, improved public transportation facilities, tree preservation, traffic calming through visual corridor narrowing, raised crosswalks, automated LED crosswalk lighting, and street narrowing minimized intersection radii. Thomas & Hutton also performed a traffic impact assessment on eight intersections surrounding the property, which due to permitting schedules, needed to be completed in six days.  The Traffic Impact Report was delivered on time and on budget.