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The CID Master Plan is divided into three focus areas that have large amounts of overlap.  These are further detailed with more information elsewhere on this site, but a summary of each is:


A complete street approach to rethinking what US Highway 278 is and should be.  The new “Complete” 278 will be focused on creating a pedestrian friendly, aesthetically pleasing environment that will be a destination in the City of Covington and not a route through it.


The plan includes:

  • Wide medians sized appropriately for accommodating large maturing canopy trees.
  • Wide tree lawns that will provide safety to pedestrians through the planting of large maturing street trees between the travel way and the sidewalk.
  • A large 12’ wide multipurpose sidewalk along the north side of the corridor that function as a linear park / trail.
  • Pedestrian scaled street lights with festive banner options.
  • Relocation of overhead utilities to the greatest extent practical.
  • Replace signalized intersections with roundabouts where practical


Opportunities within public areas at key nodes or intersections along the corridor to establish a theme and unifying aesthetic to the district.


Key Gateway Program elements

  • Landscape improvements within publicly controlled properties.
  • Wayfinding, signage and built structures that establish an easily recognized theme.
  • Where practical, create dual purpose trail heads / public parking opportunities.
  • These are opportunities for low initial capital outlay improvements, however, a long-term commitment to necessary maintenance is critical.


Opportunity areas within the district that are on private properties that are key to the corridor for one of the following reasons:


  • Grouping of small properties at key areas that are either undeveloped or in a condition that redevelopment could be likely soon given the right catalyst.
  • Large existing development areas that could see expansion or redevelopment soon.
  • Large employment / service providing areas.
  • Large undeveloped properties that have redevelopment opportunities.

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