Microsoft Teams Tutorial

To join a Microsoft Teams meeting, click on “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” in the invitation. You’ll have two options: join via the web or download the application. If Microsoft Teams is already installed, it will, instead, ask if you want to open Microsoft Teams directly. For one-time or infrequent meetings, joining on the web is sufficient. For more regular use, we recommend downloading the app.



Choosing to download the app, you will be prompted to download and install the client (~100 MB). Once installed, Teams will launch automatically, and you will be asked to provide your name. Type your name, and you can join the meeting and use the various features of the application.



Choosing to join via the web, you will be forwarded to a page asking you for access to your microphone and speakers. If you plan on using the full audio/video functionality of Teams, please allow access. Once granted, you will be prompted to provide your name and then joined to the meeting where you can utilize the features of the web app.