Freedom Playground at Lee Victory Park
Smyrna, TN

The Town of Smyrna’s Freedom Playground is located at Lee Victory Park. The playground’s design incorporates various inclusive elements that provide an opportunity for children of all abilities to recreate together. The playground was funded through the donation-raising efforts of the Rotary Club of Smyrna, and the Town of Smyrna provided the site within the Lee Victory Park directly behind the Blue Angels Captain Jeff Kuss Memorial. The playground dons the Blue Angels color scheme, and several of the play features are nods to the Blue Angels. Thomas & Hutton’s Smyrna-based team (DD&A, now an affiliate of Thomas & Hutton) completed in-kind site design work for the project. The civil site design included the site layout and grading of the perimeter sidewalk and new parking lot with coordination with Miracle Recreation of Kentucky and Tennessee through donated services. In addition, the Smyrna office provided site design of future restroom facilities for the Freedom Playground.  The facility will include an accessible family restroom to accommodate the all-inclusive needs of the playground.

* This project represents experience of Thomas & Hutton employees, gained prior to their firm joining Thomas & Hutton