Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
Mount Pleasant, SC
Landscape Architecture

Thomas & Hutton  provided surveying, civil design, land planning, landscape design, and construction observation for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites. The development includes a 4-story hotel at a total of 65,880 square feet with 116 rooms. The overall design concept was to create a more urban streetscape by bringing the building facades closer to the street with connecting pedestrian-friendly walkways, public open spaces, and on-street parking. The design  compliments the Town of Mt. Pleasant’s redevelopment of Johnnie Dodds Boulevard. The project is applying for LEED certification, which will make the building the first LEED-certified hotel in South Carolina. Thomas & Hutton designed stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to meet and exceed the LEED credits – SS Credit 6.1: Stormwater Design Quantity Control and SS Credit 6.2: Stormwater Design Quality Control.