I-77 International Mega Site
Ridgeway, SC
Economic Development

Thomas & Hutton was retained by Fairfield County to provide engineering services for programming, due diligence, preliminary planning, and surveying to support the development of the I-77 International Mega Site, a future large-scale OEM Facility in Ridgeway, South Carolina. Located off of Interstate-77 between exits 34 and 41, the Mega Site is poised to create thousands of jobs and become a manufacturing hub of central South Carolina. The Mega Site is approximately 1,500 acres and upon buildout, will constitute 9.2 million square feet of industrial zoned warehousing and manufacturing space.

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    Due to the expansive nature of the site, new and expanded infrastructure is needed to support the site’s daily functions. To offer tenants adequate accessibility to the nearby transportation network, Thomas & Hutton provided design options for a proposed interchange to be integrated into the site. Numerous transportation routes were analyzed resulting in a new interchange being the best option for the future development. Our services included the preparation of an on-site analysis resulting in preliminary cost estimates for future water distribution systems, wastewater systems, mass grading scenarios, and through road transportation systems. Associated exhibits, preliminary plans, and property impact exhibits for these systems and estimates for construction are compiled and were delivered in a two-volume report.

    Additionally, we are assisting Fairfield County in developing a report for off-site water & sewer improvements for temporary and permanent regional water & sewer infrastructure. The infrastructure is necessary to support the buildout of the site and associated potential future industrial development. The consideration of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will be was analyzed to serve the park and the surrounding region. Thomas & Hutton is preparing a preliminary engineering (PER) report associated with the potential construction of a new WWTP in Fairfield County. The PER will be developed for the purpose of submitting to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) to obtain approval to proceed with final design and development of plans and specifications, as a precursor to the construction application.

    The scale of work related to the build-out of the Mega Site necessitated the forming of a new joint water authority known as the Fairfield Joint Water and Sewer System. The Joint Water & Sewer System is an independent body that will oversee water & sewer infrastructure in the unincorporated areas of the county as well as facilitating infrastructure growth surrounding the Mega Site. Thomas & Hutton is currently involved with Fairfield County in assembling the authority and combining area facilities and services.