State Route 307 Widening
Chatham County, GA
Water Resource

Thomas & Hutton provided roadway design, permitting, and project management of a 2.4-mile widening project on SR 307. The project includes design and permitting of a 4-lane facility with a divided median with emphasis on retention of existing 2-lane construction and the design of one signalized intersection and the modification of two existing intersections. The project extended from US 17 North to I-16. The project was designed according to GDOT standard specifications.


The project included design of two bottomless arch culverts to improve the drainage outfall of the Hardin Canal.  The Hardin Canal basin drains approximately 18 square miles of area in West Chatham County and has crossings on both Interstate 95 and 16.  The arch culverts were selected to provide a more environmentally-friendly crossing on this tidally influenced area.