The Bowery
Savannah, GA
land planning
Landscape Architecture
Water Resource

Thomas & Hutton provided engineering and landscape architecture services for a 59-unit infill multi-family development in downtown Savannah. Thomas & Hutton’s role included providing a preliminary site analysis, a tree and topographic survey, identifying site demolition challenges, and facilitating demolition permitting through the City of Savannah. Subsequent to completion of the demolition plans, the site development plans were completed for the civil and landscape/hardscape components of the project. The civil design featured an exfiltration stormwater pipe that allowed runoff generated by the project to infiltrate into the soil. The landscape/hardscape components featured two distinct outdoor courtyards. The first was at the project’s entry and the second was an amenity courtyard accessed from the building. The amenity courtyard featured unique site furnishings to enjoy the grill and fireplace.