Town of Mount Pleasant Old Village Builder’s Guide
Mount Pleasant, SC
Water Resource

The Town of Mount Pleasant worked with Thomas & Hutton to complete a comprehensive watershed study of the 975-acre Old Village Area. In addition to the development of a significant capital improvement program (CIP) to address the needs of the watershed, the study included the creation of a “builder’s guide” for residential home construction in the Old Village area of Mount Pleasant. The Old Village was developed before modern drainage standards and the neighborhood design did not account for the natural topographic, geographic, and drainage conditions affecting each lot.

The guide, adopted by the Town in 2018, provides instruction on how to properly manage and control stormwater runoff for residents, builders, and contractors and is structured in scenarios based on different topographical and hydraulic conditions. It addresses new development, as well as redevelopments, such as the addition of accessory dwelling units, new swimming pool decks, driveways, paved patios, and detached garages that will increase impervious surfaces or undergo grade-altering activities. The guide is used by Town staff whenever building permits are issued and includes management considerations of off-site stormwater runoff being conveyed onto a property that is being built upon, as well as managing runoff draining away from the lot into an area with no outlet.