Whitefield Avenue Widening
Savannah, GA

Thomas & Hutton provided project management, concept validation, environmental studies, wetlands permitting, NEPA documentation, public involvement, traffic capacity analysis, drainage design, preliminary plans, right-of-way plans, and roadway plans following the GA Department of Transportation Plan Development Process for the widening of Whitefield Avenue. Thomas & Hutton designed the widening of a 2.3-mile section of 2-lane divided urban roadway to a 4-lane section with sidewalks. The project coordinated with Truman Parkway, Phase IV. The design required coordination with three historical sites.


Thomas & Hutton conducted concept validation, coordinated NEPA environmental assessment, conducted public hearings, obtained jurisdictional wetlands determination, wetlands permitting, mitigation, preliminary plans, right-of-way plans, staked right-of-way, and final construction plans. Two new signals were designed and installed along the corridor and one signal was upgraded. The signals were coordinated through ATMs to improve efficiency along the corridor. Landscaping was also included along the corridor in the mostly residential area.