T&H Clemson Civil Engineering Hard Hat Ceremony

T&H Clemson Civil Engineering Hard Hat Ceremony

Clemson’s Civil Engineering Hard Hat Ceremony is a celebration recognizing sophomore students declaring civil engineering as their major after completing the university’s general engineering curriculum as freshmen. 

Thomas & Hutton Vice President/ Greenville Regional Director Kevin Shoemake served as the guest alumnus speaker for the second year. He spoke to the students about the rewarding and challenging aspects of a career in civil engineering. In his speech, Kevin imparted how to apply Thomas & Hutton’s guiding principles (self, people, clients, community) through the lens of a student’s career. 

Self:  Put in the hard work required to study and attend class. 

People: Study with classmates, be active in group projects, be willing to help classmates, and create meaningful relationships. 

Clients: Professors are your clients. They are your best resource, so do not be afraid to approach them and demonstrate your interest in learning the subject.

Community: Become involved in organizations at the university and the surrounding community. These experiences will spark growth and perspective that will carry you through your professional career. 

The program also featured School of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Director Dr. Jesus M. de la Garza giving a history of the hard hat ceremony. Senior student-mentor also shared advice and guidance.

The ceremony concludes with all students receiving their hard hats and donning them together, reciting a portion of the “Obligation of the Engineer,” and meeting their newly assigned mentors. Thank you to the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University for having Thomas & Hutton as the event sponsor and inviting us to participate in such a meaningful milestone for Clemson Students. Go Tigers!