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“I grew up witnessing my father dedicated his life to serving and building up his community through the economic development profession. I’ve always admired Arnold Palmer’s saying: ‘the road to success is always under construction.’ This quote rings true for the economic development and site selection process. It is rewarding as it is challenging, and each community and project are different, adding a level of excitement that motivates me.”

Bryan Farlow joined Thomas & Hutton as Regional Director for Tennessee Economic Development and Site Selection in 2023. With over 14 years of industry experience, Bryan oversees the firm’s economic development and site selection activities in Tennessee and across the US. Partnering with local and state-level economic development agencies, Bryan helps clients develop a vision for attracting industries to locate and expand in their communities through multi-faceted engineering services, including land analysis, planning, design, and site selection activities assistance. Bryan also leads efforts for corporate clients to locate, analyze, and select new locations for expanding operations in the United States.


Bryan’s previous positions at the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and Jobs Ohio give him a dynamic background in workforce development, regional planning, business development, business recruitment, site development, and site certification for domestic and international industries. After departing the public sector, Bryan co-founded a site selection firm focused on foreign direct investment and first-time entry into the US market. Before joining Thomas & Hutton, his most recent role was as Client Development Manager for a nationwide science and engineering consulting firm. A graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan University, Bryan went on to the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma. He is an active member of the Tennessee Economic Development Council and Southern Economic Development Council and serves on his alma mater, Tennessee Wesleyan University’s Business Advisory Council.


Regional Director of Economic Development & Site Selection – Tennessee

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