Lake Mayer Park
Savannah, GA
land planning
Landscape Architecture
Water Resource

Thomas & Hutton provided the development of an updated master plan for the existing County park facility. A key component of the project planning was a study of the existing park facilities and how they were currently being used. The findings of the site study were then used to determine the optimum location for additional and/or relocated facilities within the park. The master plan included refinement and revisions based on County staff comments, with a particular concern on long-term maintenance needs. In addition to the master plan, which identified locations of future improvements, the scope of the project also included the creation of a branding narrative for the entire Bacon Park area.


This narrative identified opportunities and constraints for developing a cohesive wayfinding program within the Bacon Park system of facilities. Thomas & Hutton is currently designing the civil and landscape architecture for the first phase improvements that include new basketball and sand volleyball courts, trails and sidewalks, bioretention area, and other drainage and parking improvements.