Hwy 278 Community Improvement District (CID) Master Plan
Covington, GA
land planning
Landscape Architecture

Thomas & Hutton is providing a preliminary master plan for the entire “Highway 278 CID” footprint based on goals that will include a transportation conceptual design plan. Highway 278 is the economic gateway to Covington. The master plan will focus on community values and proven investment strategies to create a community with extraordinary impact that is safe and welcoming to all residents and visitors; promote community interaction; nurture unique character of local identity or sense of space; promote economic development growth and increase real estate tax values, a healthy lifestyle using walkability in creating compact healthy areas; enhance traffic opportunities, auto, public, walking paths, etc.; incorporate green spaces in design with parks or green spaces – promoting stormwater reduction, air quality and enhance connectivity between CID and neighborhood links or gateways; and utilize the Life Long Communities Framework.

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    The master plan will increase property values through long-term positive plans for the corridor that include landscape beautification and clean-up projects, removal of blight and improvement of the physical appearance of the Exit 90 interchange, the ramps, and Highway 278 corridor.  A corridor branding theme will include upgraded street and wayfinding signage, sidewalks, and lighting. Other planning goals will include pursuing outside funding that will be leveraged with the future CID resources to enhance the business environment and improve property values in the district, as well as the greater community.