Longpoint Road/Needlerush Parkway Roundabout
Mount Pleasant, SC

Thomas & Hutton evaluated the traffic conditions to determine if a signal or a roundabout would be a more appropriate intersection improvement. Based on an earlier signal warrant study by the SCDOT, signal warrants were met at the intersection. A detailed traffic analysis evaluated various intersection configurations to determine an optimal improvement plan.

Options for signalization were compared to three roundabout alternatives. The selected design included a roundabout with two entry lanes on one of its approaches and one lane on the others. Maintaining traffic during construction along Long Point Road and minimizing impacts to the residents in the subdivision were important objectives achieved on this project. Existing pavements and drainage patterns were utilized where possible to help control project costs.

The Town’s objective for the intersection was to create an aesthetically pleasing, efficient intersection improvement at this location for the residents of the Town. The roundabout achieved this goal through its efficiency in moving traffic and aesthetically pleasing layout. The roundabout saved the Town money in long-term operations and maintenance cost by eliminating the need for equipment and electrical costs at this intersection.